Type A to Type C w/ LED indicator Cable,Length:1M,USB 2.0



Product Name USB 2.0 Type A Plug to Type C Plug  with LED Cable
Input interface  USB Type A Plug 
Output interface USB Type C Plug 
Spec description 480M bps USB Bus Signal
Compliant with USB Type C Cable and Connector  Specification

USB Type C

Compliance with CE、 FCC 、USB-IF Standard

                                   USB 2.0   Speed: 480 Mbps
                                   Type-C supports front and back double-sided blind mating,
                                   Bbackward compatible with USB 1.1
                                   Support USB Type-C computer and Type-A device interconnection.
                                    Reversible USB Type-C Connector
                                    Plug and play, no driver required
                                    Tested plugging times up to more than 10,000 times
                                    Safety certification materials, durable and safe
                                    Support up length to 3m